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Reviews for Vikram Singh Criminal Defence Lawyer
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Address: 54 James St N, Hamilton, ON L8R 2K1, Canada
Phone: (905) 522-9288
Website: http://www.ontario-law.ca/
Melissa M on 2020-01-15
 Vikram is a life saver. He truly embodies professionalism and realism in such a way that leaves no room for doubt that he will work entirely committed to your cause. Vikram picked me up at an extreme low point in my life and set me up for total success. He was accessible, attentive, extremely smart, kind and dedicated. I would highly recommend his services as he truly changed the narrative to my life in an extremely positive way. Easily the best decision I made employing his services. You will never regret consulting with him and i can assure you, you will walk out of his office feeling lighter indefinitely.
Sean Mccaffery on 2020-01-08
 Vikram Singh is very professional with a strong focus on his clients cases.  He is a great lawyer and very meticulous with the details of the case.  He puts all of what you tell him and builds a case with amazing skill to fight for you.  He has been great fighter for me and would recommend him to anyone who asks.  On a personal note has been a great person and is always a pleasure to be around.
Wade LaRock on 2020-02-06
 Vikram Singh represented me with a number of legal issues. He was professional and provided a lot of positive advice. He clearly knows his stuff and I was pleased with the outcome of my case. I am forever grateful to him and would highly recommend him to others.
Ali Hamdy on 2020-03-31
 Quick to take action, efficiently communicates situation, and had excellent end results. Mr. Singh goes above and beyond his call of duty, to ensure that the outcome is in your favor. Definitely recommend him!
Thomas juice on 2020-03-23
 I have nothing but good things to say about Vik. He had great communication with me and my family throughout all FOUR times I have used his services. Not once was I ever wrongfully convicted nor have I ever been sentenced to jail. The guy is amazing. Knows his stuff. Very empathetic to my situation both in and out of court. Nothing but a great experience not only from him from his staff as well.. THANK YOU VIK! As always the pleasure was all mine.

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