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Address: 305 Owen Sound St, Shelburne, ON L0N 1S1, Canada
Phone: (519) 925-2608
Website: http://www.shelburnelaw.ca/
Lori Anne Madgett on 2019-12-13
 This is a wonderful spot to go if you are in need of advise and completing your will. Mr. Haskell was welcoming, friendly and kind. I had a great experience with this team of lawyers.
Glenn Miller on 2019-11-01
 I gave this a 3 star only because of Larry Haskell. Wade Mills would get, maybe a 1 star. The real estate assistant I had and Wade were horrible to deal with. If it was not for Larry I dont think this firm would survive.
Lucie Bee on 2019-05-09
 Love this lawyer, hoping to use him again very soon!! You remember me? Its Tammie!
Steve Arnold on 2020-03-15
 Great lawyers
Chad De Silva on 2019-10-11
 Very helpful and honest

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