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Reviews for Stanley J. Tessmer Law Corporation
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Address: 272 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6N4, Canada
Phone: (250) 762-6747
Website: http://tessmerlaw.com/
Christopher Robin on 2019-04-26
 Cory was my lawyer for a cell phone ticket He was awesome and got my ticket thrown out. I highly reccomend him. Cheers. Thanks
tom mountainman on 2018-08-21
 When charged with an offense I was given the name of Cory P. ARMOUR with the law firm Tessmer Law Firm Kelowna BC. He assisted me immediately with a bail hearing which led me to be able to go back home. We communicated on the case and Cory was extremely helpful in detail review and in good strong Communications. The case was held out of town from where I live and Cory and I met at that location and he was also in a different location so for him to meet me away from his location and my location where the case took place took a lot of effort on his part. Long story short Cory did an awesome job and the result was an acquittal. I highly recommend Cory and his firm for whatever reason you need they are super super organized and very helpful again with great detail and with a lot of kindness 5 * to Cory thank you Cory so much the best to you and your firm.
Dani Tyler on 2014-02-11
 Excellent staff, lovely offices. All in downtown Kelowna :)

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