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Address: 5160 Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 6L9, Canada
Phone: (877) 982-7466
Website: http://www.tarion.com/
Mike Reid on 2019-10-12
 Rich Builders scam in the Name of Tarion. Reid Homes &Grant Worton held back 30K and did not payThey tell their Bricklayer Contractor. they claim house has Tarion issues and Tarion gives us no way to find out. 152SammonDrRockwood, Rich morally corrupt builder doesn't pay the Bricklayer using a made up Tarion story. . We bricked over 150 homes at that site and got paid except for the last 4 homesWe paid the workers $26k in wages plus , wsib, CRA remittance. $60 thousand dollar loss. Homeowner email stated he altered the bricks and joints after we left for the day, Clearly voids warranty.. Later in same email thread that point was deleted. You hit the Bricklayer coming out of winter. The builder Reid Homes and Grant Worton live up to their reputation of not paying in full, looking down on the workers ,referring to homeowners as fish. We won a judgment to pay but there is no enforcement. Slander the subs Worton. Enjoy the money . Yogurt salesman homeowner said workers looking in his 10yo boys window. Disgusting suggestion 152. What a burden that must be for the homeowner to harbour that thought pattern.

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