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Reviews for Starke Law Offices
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Address: 801 NW Vesper St, Blue Springs, MO 64015, USA
Phone: (816) 229-9111
Website: http://www.starkelawoffices.com/
Patrick Colt on 2019-11-29
 I've needed their expertise a couple times. Both times, 100% satisfied! Highly recommended! Shout out to Vanessa for helping me recently! You rock!
Carman Booker on 2020-05-06
 Vanessa and the team at Starke Law Offices are top notch! Dedicated and caring, they will work for you!
Saralee Rhoads on 2020-05-06
 When you need an attorney, you need one you can trust. We are pleased that Starke Law Offices provide us with excellent service in Blue Springs.
Kristi Fisher on 2019-09-17
 Absolutely fantastic and very professional. This team does an amazing job getting all the info and being very thorough. They get back with you within hours if Vanessa or Megan are unavailable when you call. I'm very glad I was able to work with Starke Law Offices!
Joey Zarrillo on 2020-05-06
 I love that they are active in the community that they serve.

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