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Address: 703 Evans Ave suite 600, Etobicoke, ON M9C 5E9, Canada
Phone: (416) 351-9222
Website: http://slspc.ca/
Amardeep Lalli on 2020-03-05
 Very professional and understanding group. I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Chaggar who was very helpful to me. Would definitely recommend going to him or anyone at this firm for help.
Domenic Cammalleri on 2020-03-05
 Very professional firm that showed me they cared about my personal injury. They did everything they could to get me the compensation I deserved. I was battling pain and with the help of Srebrolow Lebowitz Spadafora PC, I was able to get medical care including professional therapy to help with my needs. I would definitely recommend!
Annu Dhaliwal on 2020-03-05
 Had a great experience at this firm working with Amandeep a Chaggar. Everyone was very professional and kind. I would recommend this firm to anyone.
Gurkaran Banga on 2020-03-05
 Extremely professional and very informative staff. They do great work.
Prabh Banga on 2020-03-05
 Lawyer Aman Chaggar was very professional and understanding of my situation. Would recommend their service to anyone in need.

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