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Address: 15243 91 Ave #6, Surrey, BC V3R 8P8, Canada
Phone: (604) 496-5096
Website: http://www.southcoastlaw.ca/
Amy Liberson on 2020-04-13
 Best Surrey Family Lawyer! Darnell Smith helped me with a separation agreement. He is super reliable, knowledgable and friendly, and always replied to my e-mails and phone calls within a day or two at most. He took the time to thoroughly explain everything to me, and I felt comfortable asking him as many questions as I needed to. I would highly recommend Darnell at South Coast Law Group!
Kimberly Dennis on 2020-04-03
 When I went into South Coast law I was defeated from an already 3 yearlong custody and child support battle with my ex. Meeting with Darnell Smith gave me a glimmer of hope for my family at a time when our options appeared limited and the likelihood of a resolution seemed almost impossible. Not only was he able to come up with a new plan and a more effective way to execute it , his calm and empathetic demeanor helped me become emotionally prepared to dive back into the train wreck I was dealing with. Darnell really had my children’s well-being at heart and was determined to make sure that their best interests were met. He takes a pragmatic approach to law and doesn’t over complicate things unnecessarily. My children and I are eternally grateful for his service and I would recommend Darnell without hesitation to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy, responsive and professional family law lawyer.
Jason Stratman on 2020-02-18
 I had a great experience with Darnell Smith of South Coast Law Group. I would highly recommend him if you're dealing with a separation/custody/child/support situation and you want some serious, no BS advice. I found him to be highly professional, very personable, and most importantly, very straight forward and direct. Darnell is not one of those lawyers that is going to sugar coat things and promise you the moon, and that is what I appreciated the most about my interaction with him. He gave it to me straight. He told me exactly where I stood with no BS and no false promises. He didn't try to give me a bunch of false hope in an attempt to get me to retain his services and waste my money when it could be much better spent supporting my kids. More than that - he didn't treat me like a paycheck. He treated me with the utmost respect and he took the TIME to talk to me, hear my story , consider my situation, and then give me his honest opinion. To him, I was a father going through a horrible time and a horrible situation and it was obvious to me that he wanted to help to the best of his abilities. If you want someone who isn't going to just try to rack up billable hours, is going to see you as a human being going through something, and who is going to do his best for you, I suggest that you give this man - a father himself - a call.
Keenan Beavis on 2020-02-14
 The team at South Coast law is fantastic. They offer the best legal services in the lower mainland. South Coast law is: 1) Highly knowledgeable, 2) Super respectful 3) Have an awesome record of successful mediation and litigation. If looking for a lawyer, I can highly recommend South Coast Law group!
Linda Bell on 2019-12-14
 Darnell Smith is personable and easy to talk to. He put my mind and worries to rest with his knowledge and follow through. Highly recommended!

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