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Address: 65 Queen St W Suite 600, Toronto, ON M5H 2M5, Canada
Phone: (416) 304-9899
Website: http://www.rousseaumazzuca.com/
Neal Collier on 2020-01-11
 Thank you to Hemad Mokhtari at Rousseau Mazzuca for the exceptional support over the past 11 months and in navigating employment law. Hemad and team are very knowledgeable and responsive. I highly recommend them!! ~ Laura
Brian Chambers on 2019-07-26
 I work with a lot of law firms in the core. I've seen Rousseau Mazzuca grow from a few competent and friendly people to the diverse firm that they are now. Every addition to their team has added uniquely talented people that are both professional and friendly. Rousseau Mazzuca persistently challenges themselves to be better and it shows.
Eileen Kersnik on 2019-09-12
 We have had great experiences working with Aaron. He is professional, very knowledgable and communicates in a timely fashion. Aaron always had our best interests in mind. We have recommended him to our family and friends.
Rudi Lof on 2019-09-12
 Great firm. Aaron always helps solve my issues in an effective and efficient manner. I recommend them to everyone.
Peter Phua on 2019-09-12
 I sought the services of Rousseau Mazzuca LLP in order to draft a contractor agreement for my corporation. I was very satisfied with the quality of the service and the timeliness of the firm's responses to my questions and clarifications. Overall it's an easy recommendation to others.

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