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Address: 1235 Bay St #601, Toronto, ON M5R 3K4, Canada
Phone: (877) 380-8099
Website: https://rotondolaw.com/
Rosey Bradbury on 2019-01-22
 If you have a work related injury and you feel like you have tried everything but gotten nowhere....look no farther Mr.Rotondo and his team of kind hearted compitant staff will do whatever they can to first reasure you then fight for you. After years of being told it's not going to happen my ex husband was granted $80,000 L.T.D . Now ,not only did they win his insurance case they have continued to be helpful in anyway possible since even without being on retainer.
Mr. Zico on 2018-10-24
 Mr. Michael Rotondo is a very honest and professional lawyer. I would highly recommend him!
Winnie Tsige on 2018-02-07
 I would like to thank you Mr. Rotondo for professional help regarding my matter . He is very helpful and kind. I strongly recommend his service to anyone.
Kendra k Gucci & Trix on 2018-02-20
 The best Lawyer in Personal injury. Mr. Rotondo is very polite and understanding. He will fight his soul out for you. I couldn't have been lucky enough to find a lawyer that I have complete trust in. Mr. Rotondo staff work fast to accommdate you aswell.
Bato Vukovic on 2017-09-19
 Great Lawyer. Helped my family. Many years ago.

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