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Address: 474 Main St, Penticton, BC V2A 5C5, Canada
Phone: (250) 492-0907
Website: http://www.pslawyers.ca/
Janice Reece on 2019-11-15
 Love shopping at the Superstore they hv awesome products and great prices and there service is the best
Terry Vandament on 2019-04-12
 This is a law firm here in Penticton that does family law I use the services of Cory Goodrich and found Cory to be extremely Pleasant and easy to deal with. The front-end staff was very friendly and I found the facility to be quite interesting had some interesting pictures and photographs on the wall that kept me busy until I was ready to go for my appointment. As I mentioned my appointment was with Cory Goodrich and he was extremely friendly and polite.
Tina Stasuik on 2018-09-21
 Great lawyer! Great service! Friendly staff and very knowledgeable and kind advice. We appreciate the years of quality service - would highly recommend this firm!
Health Dummy on 2017-12-06
 I was delighted with the service and advice I received from Pearce Schneiderat. All the details were looked after and I will definitely use them again

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