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Address: 2124 Bowen Rd, Nanaimo, BC V9S 1H7, Canada
Phone: (250) 758-7758
Website: http://www.parkplacelaw.ca/
Terry Bennett on 2019-06-13
 After 2 different lawyers, tens of thousands of dollars spent, and three long years of losing in family court I have finally found a Lawyer that cares about what is right more than she does about money. Brenda and her team have done a spectacular job so far with my case. Being a father and fighting for 50/50 is not as easy as it should be. Often you are looked at and treated as an ATM in an archaic court system. If you are looking for an honest Lawyer who cares and will shoot you straight Park Place Law is the place to find one.
R Wertz on 2019-04-09
 Found everyone in the office to be pleasant and helpful. Most importantly though, Brenda came with high recommendations and did not disappoint. Her extensive family law experience and her strong mediation skills helped me get the results I was looking for.
Saara Uuraslahti on 2019-04-11
 Brenda is very professional, extremely knowledgeable, an excellent advocate and easy to talk to.

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