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Ogilvie was built in 1920 on a tradition of building relationships and working alongside our clients, and that is still our philosophy an entire century later. We’re proud to celebrate over 100 years together with our specialized teams of lawyers who will work beside you and your business to ensure your issues are resolved.

James Harwood Ogilvie, Q.C., left a mark on our great city that still lives on today. He began studying law at the University of Alberta in Edmonton in 1914. With the advent of World War I, Edmonton men enlisted by the thousands to serve their country, the young James Ogilvie among them. He returned home safely to complete his articles and was admitted to the Alberta Bar in 1920, and started Ogilvie soon after. In his many years providing legal and professional guidance to Edmontonians, he supported the communities around him and demonstrated the importance of building meaningful relationships with the people he helped. The City of Edmonton recognized his significant contributions, including serving 16 years as a city alderman, by naming a residential subdivision “Ogilvie Ridge.”

Our team is proud to carry on Mr. Ogilvie’s legacy by continuing to create meaningful relationships with our clients and supporting the businesses and communities that make our city great.

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Address: 10303 Jasper Ave #1400, Edmonton, AB T5J 3N6, Canada
Phone: (780) 421-1818
Website: http://www.ogilvielaw.com/
Jesse Wielemaker on 2020-04-09
 Unbelievable service, next level. Fast, efficient & professional. We made the switch to this Firm and have never looked back.
Kahye Dubow on 2019-04-04
 I have met with well experienced lawyer Imran Quraishi. Great consultation. I strongly recommend him.
Miklos Toth on 2019-03-15
 Denis has represented myself and my family twice. The last time was for removing Tennant's who where bad on rent and caused 30-40 thousand in damages. 6 days after Denis won our case the house was set on fire with hot oil left on the stove. Denis knowing about our youngest daughter's kydney disease and our provincial move, and the loss we took with renters and such, Denis wavied the remainder of our fee, which was fairly significant. We can not thank you enough Denis ! And I recommend him to all my friends
Camilla Labine on 2019-03-28
 aleem popatia and his team sherri and Nadine have taken care of me for over ten years real estate and estate wise - I just leave everything in their hands even when out of the country and it is stellar thanks guys - ALEEM NADINE AND SHERRI - after fourteen years in real estate I can say they are the best for myself and any of my clients

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