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MLK Law offers a variety of services in Real Estate Law, Wills and Estate Planning, Small Claims, as well as Corporate and Commercial Law. We have experienced and qualified professionals, who will supervise and advice you regarding any legal questions that may appear.

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Reviews for MLK LAW Professional Corporation - Maryana Lerner Klein Law Office
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Address: 1000 Finch Ave W #800, Toronto, ON M3J 2V5, Canada
Phone: (647) 784-6377
Website: http://www.mlklaw.ca/
Emily Weiss on 2019-03-12
 Maryana is a good lawyer. She is definitely someone I had pleasure to work with.
Elliott Ambridge on 2018-01-09
 A very professional and friendly lawyer. She is ready to give as much time to your case as necessary. I am also a lawyer and can really tell when someone is up to date on the rules and forms. I sold my condominium with Maryana and she was very quick and detailed with all the answers to my questions as well as the paperwork. I refer this lawyer to all my friends.
Gregory Lavrov on 2018-01-20
 Maryana handled my real estate case which was very complicated that required strong negotiation skills and she was absolutely great. She was very professional, always responded promptly and was easily accessible even when she was away from the office. I'm very happy I was referred to Maryana.
mira glin on 2017-09-26
 Very good lawyer Highly recommended !! Thank you Mariana we were very happy for what you did for us .

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