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Address: 26 Kenview Blvd, Brampton, ON L6T 5M1, Canada
Phone: (905) 458-5740
Website: http://www.magna.com/
Hifzmaster on 2020-02-21
 Great place to work. Did you know that he started working in a garage on Dupont street Toronto as a machine operator. Today he is one of the world wealthiest men. Bravo.
Howard foster on 2018-10-29
 Major supplier player in Auto parts sectpr in Canada for many years now.family owned. Long-term employees- has been very competitive and popular place to find employment over many years before auto sector crash and maintains such interest after auto sector crash.Good benefits.improve labour and safety standards. Positive location 10seconds to Brampton Transit into Brampton and Into Toronto- local and Express buses.

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