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Address: 7575 Rte Transcanadienne #200, Saint-Laurent, QC H4T 1V6, Canada
Phone: (514) 419-4069
Website: https://legallogik.com/
Nadia Therrien on 2020-02-16
 I had the pleasure to work with Jamie Benizri and the Legal Logik team and the experience was flawless. They have a very unique and human approach where they focus on the relationship with their customers above anything else. They put their clients’ needs above anything else, always searching for ways to make the process as efficient as possible.
Brian Miller Yoga on 2020-02-10
 Jamie and his team have always been helpful, knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. I never think twice before calling them when needed. Everyone I've recommended Legal Logik to has had the same feedback. Thanks Jamie!
Moe abdelal on 2020-02-10
 If you want to win your case, and work a human very customer service oriented bureau , then look no further. You feel heard and they get the job done
stephane leblanc on 2020-02-10
 Jamie Benizri and his team are very customer oriented and do what is required to help their clients. I am a client for 3 years and have always been well served. I have also referred a lot of friends and clients and all have bene happy.
brittany dalfen on 2019-10-24
 Jamie Benizri and the Legal Logik team have not only been extremely helpful, but also kind, empathetic and strategic. Lawyers have a notorious reputation for being all about the money however I never once felt like a means to a financial end for them. I always feel a lot calmer after talking with them and the positive atmosphere is infectious. Jamie, who I have spent the most time with of everyone on the team, is one of the most intelligent, genuine, ambitious and charismatic people I have ever met. I could not ask for a better lawyer and a better team

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