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Address: 43 Front St E #400, Toronto, ON M5E 1B3, Canada
Phone: (416) 800-7577
Website: http://kithandkinlaw.com/
Adnan Anwar on 2019-11-18
 Zahra Taseer is amazing family law council . Was incredible in every step .
Sean Robichaud on 2014-02-24
 Kith and Kin are my first choice in family law referrals in Toronto. As a lawyer myself, I know who does an exceptional job and who is just going through the motions and Jef and Ashely are some of the most motivated lawyers I know. Keep up the good work in fighting for your client's K&K!
Robichaud's . on 2014-02-24
 Kith and Kin are compassionate, knowledgable, and highly motivated family lawyers who offer a full range of services for their family law clients. As a lawyer, I send them all my work in this area of practice and I always hear back how wonderful they were in dealing with family law issues.

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