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Address: Nelson Square, 808 Nelson St #900, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2H2, Canada
Phone: (604) 681-6564
Website: http://www.jml.ca/
Metro-Can Construction on 2020-02-26
 We have been working with Tim Peters at JML as our corporate lawyer for many years. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in a professional and efficient manner. He understands the demands, challenges and pressures of our industry and has been a vital part in our success. We are very happy to have Tim and the JML team on our side.
Vanessa Vizi on 2019-12-12
 We've worked with Dave Claassen of JML on 3 separate construction related legal actions and have found his standard of care, due diligence and knowledge to be very high caliber, from both a Plaintiff and Defendent standpoint. He works tirelessly in your corner and is always available to answer questions or provide clarification. We've also been lucky enough to use Dave as a sounding board for general advice and recommendations for lawyers outside of BC and in unrelated fields. Although we don't hope for further legal actions, we will be using Dave's services again in the future, and highly recommend his practice.
Dave Humphries on 2019-11-22
 Great to work with, frequent communication (when needed) and detail oriented. Represented by David Claassen
Jake Swift on 2019-11-04
 Don't really care about law, but marzban sounds kind of like "marzapan" and while I don't really like that either,, I think it sets a good mood

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