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Address: 1421 N Main St, Liberty, TX 77575, USA
Phone: (936) 336-8540
Website: http://www.imsonline.com/
Rex Davis on 2020-02-16
 Friendly staff, service was great at first but now it is slow and is buffering all the time. Thank you! The service is great now with the upgrades. Appreciate the fast response!
Holly Jackson on 2020-05-03
 This company is the best. Great customer service and wonderful internet!!
Erin Durch on 2020-01-17
 Great customer service. Hoping for the internet to be as good too!
Bob D on 2019-04-09
 I have dealt with all the large ISP’s while living in the city, when we moved out to the country internet was one of my main concerns. IMS has been the most knowledgeable and customer focused internet service Provider I have had. Would recommend to everyone

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