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Address: 1355 Kingston Rd, Pickering, ON L1V 2B8, Canada
Phone: (905) 837-8691
Website: https://locations.thebay.com/en/hudsons-bay-picker
Theressa Athena on 2020-02-28
 Very great store to visit, especially for those looking to buy new brand name clothes at great prices. They have sales quite often (like the bay days), and if you catch something on sale, you can get a really good deal. The customer service is exceptional, and staff are always friendly. Quality is always great.
Terry Geary on 2019-04-15
 The Bay has great quality, sometimes they are pricey thou. Wait for their sales,which are generally good. It does seem that they have cut their sales staff. Hard to find sales clerk, they are all at cash.
Tayyaba Khan on 2020-03-17
 Hudson bay is a fantastic place to find a gift. It also has the best variety of clothes and good sales
Kirk Martin on 2020-02-03
 Conveniently located in the Pickering Town Centre off Hwy 2 and Liverpool. Plenty of parking and accessible too. However on the downside, you will not get all the bells and whistles with this store. Its small and understaffed at times. The selection is not great and the place looks like it needs a revamp. On the upside, they do have deals and clearance sales to keep an eye out for. If your in the mall, it's worth dropping in.
madonna massey on 2017-12-05
 Employees not polite, helpful or friendly. Products are top quality. Store very clean and well managed. Not at all disabled friendly. The prices are great for the top quality products. You get what you pay for and the items are the best. Hudson Baysswill soon be like Sears, bankrupt due to their poor customer services and very hot headed, wads up in the air employees. if The Hudson Bay is to survive the employees need to be retrained or the old staff fired and the new properly trained staff brought in to serve the customers with dignity and respect.

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