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Reviews for Halifax Stanfield International Airport
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Address: 1 Bell Blvd, Enfield, NS B2T 1K2, Canada
Phone: (902) 873-4422
Website: https://halifaxstanfield.ca/
SC Peter PANG on 2020-04-20
 Had my 7 hour layover for a transfer here and is happy with this little but well rounded airport. There are enough shops to keep me entertained and I can easily find food. The Observation Deck is a must see, I can enjoy my food under a stunning view, and it is quiet enough for me to have a nap before my early morning flight. The airplane shaped bathroom sink drain is a nice touch, although you can find this in a few other airports too.
Justine Soucy on 2020-03-15
 A very standard airport. Security isn't unbearably long, plenty of space to sit and outlets at every set of 3 seats, restaurants and shops with interesting souvenirs. They have these cool library machines, so if you have a Halifax library card you can check out a book while waiting for your flight. It's a brilliant idea. Bathrooms are very clean and big. The water fountains have very cold water too.
Henri T. De Souza on 2020-02-22
 Nice airport with a good choice of stores to buy souvenirs from or to just sit down and relax while waiting for your flight. I like the lobsters store and the fact that I can check in almost 35 minutes before my flight and can still make it in time to board the plane. Nice little airport.
Achim Mohssen-Beyk on 2019-12-25
 Convenient small airport. I read reviews and it’s unfortunate some put their bad experience on the fascilities. There are quite a few stores, restaurants and food options before and after security check. Security check was fast and easy. Pretty much standard procedure. The terminals are clean and there are plenty of charging outlets throughout the airport areas. Rental car and parking garage access is easy to find. It is quite a bit out of Halifax, so getting to Halifax without a car might be a bit time consuming.
Chris MacEachern on 2019-12-02
 What a fantastic airport. Many many shops. Friendly staff around every corner. Wide open spaces and easy to get around. It has a Starbucks below and after security. Very well organized. Well done to the airport authority. Many times you pay tax and don't see the improvement. That is not the case here.

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