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Address: 1015 Austin Ave #211, Coquitlam, BC V3K 3N9, Canada
Phone: (604) 939-8321
Website: http://www.dbmlaw.ca/
Ed on 2020-05-15
 Such a great experience working with this law firm. Really professional, extremely fast and clear communication. Couldn't be happier. Highly recommend!
Amy Lauwers on 2019-11-21
 Joe and his team were FANTASTIC to work with! I was put at ease the moment the process started- all of my questions were answered in a timely manner and I felt totally looked after. Any time I had a concern or needed clarification for anything- someone from their team responded within 48 hours. From start- finish everything ran smoothly. I'm so grateful for Joe and his assistants. Andrea was my main contact and always made me feel comfortable when I was unsure of things. I appreciated their patience with me and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. Definitely would use Joe again (hopefully I won't need to though!) Thank you Drysdale Bacon McStravick LLP.
Arvin Khamseh on 2019-12-06
 Richard and Donald have been super helpful when it comes to legal side of business. I was referred to them by my friend and I've already thanked my friend for the referral. Staff are always smiling, polite and with good energy. Appointments take place on time. Internal communication between their staff members is solid. It's awesome they have wifi available cause I usually run from one meeting to another and can get work done before and after my meetings. I drive about an hour to them because I like them. I recommend them! Ps: I already have recommended them to 2 other business owners.
Kristi Ferguson on 2019-11-25
 Joe is a professional, effective, kind lawyer who gets results. I worked with him years ago when I was in a terrible MVA and he, and his team, made the legal part of that process bearable. More recently he assisted me with an estate issue. He gets things done. Joe communicates well and keeps you in the loop. Without any hesitation, I would highly recommend Joe to those seeking legal counsel.
Hong Yee Tan on 2020-03-06
 Thank you Mr. Andrew Peng and Ms. Sharene Orstad for helping out with my case!

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