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At Court Coach LLP, we appreciate that each client’s legal matter is unique, and we plan strategies with you to promote your best interests. We started Court Coach LLP with the desire to help people navigate the family law court system. Court Coach LLP is dedicated to guiding self-represented individuals through our legal system. We can help draft documents, prepare you for court, provide information on rules and procedures, and offer legal advice specific to your case.

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Reviews for Court Coach LLP
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Address: 125 Somerset St W #203, Ottawa, ON K2P 0H7, Canada
Phone: (613) 695-4306
Website: http://courtcoach.com/
Laura G on 2020-01-30
 Stephanie has been so incredibly helpful and has eased all my concerns as she guided me through this family law process. She is very honest and thorough and I would highly recommend Court Coach!
Angie Beaudoin on 2019-09-26
 They were very helpful and good people to work with.
F J on 2019-04-17
 Mrs .Giuliana Ferri is so professional, positive and well organized. I advice any one that has alegal case related to family law to hire her. Thanks alot for your support! Ms.Jahel
Kassandra Dickson on 2017-11-02
 Meagan is amazing. She is very knowledgeable and knows the best strategy to get a mutual agreement. She is not pushy and helps you make the best choice in the case. I am so happy and thankful for her. I cannot recommend her enough. She is very calm and collected and knows her stuff.
Ramses II on 2018-08-29
 Meagan is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Her positive energy makes a strong impact along with her in depth knowledge of your legal rights. She is more than willing to work with you and sympathetic to your needs without it becoming overly emotional. She gets it...she totally I would highly recommend her

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