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Address: 2485 Ouellette Ave #201, Windsor, ON N8X 1L5, Canada
Phone: (519) 255-7332
Website: http://www.correntmacri.com/
Kylie Rottman on 2020-05-07
 My husband and I went through Corrent & Macri to help us with the purchase of our first house. Mr. Corrent was fantastic, he went above and beyond and would take time to answer any questions we had. Very nice guy who is also very competent. Would recommend!
John Benotto on 2019-05-21
 JP Corrent is a great lawyer. Helped us with all our family needs! BTW, he is also a Unifor lawyer that we can use.
Edward Switalski on 2019-04-07
 40 plus years in business with tons of experience in personal and commercial services. Very efficient staff,
Paul Chenard on 2019-01-31
 I've dealt with this firm for 3 homes over the past 20 years. Always professional!!
VenkateswaraPrasath Durairaj on 2017-07-08
 My real-estate agent recommended I go to John Corrent when I bought my first home. As nerve wracking as it gets when doing real estate transactions Mr.Corrent was very patient and explained everything to me before asking me to sign the documents. One concern I had was, it wasn't easy to get in touch with them via email or phone. However my concerns were alleviated when I got a call from them a couple of days after I had tried to contact them to set up a meeting.

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