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Reviews for Sally Chiarelli Barrister & Solicitor
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Address: 9-3455 Harvester Rd, Burlington, ON L7N 3P2, Canada
Phone: (905) 336-9661
Website: http://sallychiarellifamilylaw.ca/
anthony chiarelli on 2020-01-21
 You cant find a better lawyer. The other reviews are all disgusting and liers. I got a auto vehicle award of over 100K and she also did my divorce. Very good in the Courts and has lots of experience.
Ellen Gradwhol on 2017-12-20
 Best Divorce lawyer, great service, I am 100% satisfied!
Anthony Paolucci on 2017-05-23
 Those 2 other reviews are from people who don't abide by the law.

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