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Address: 715 Hewitson St Suite 2000, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6B5, Canada
Phone: (807) 622-6821
Website: http://www.cheadles.com/
Glen Wesley on 2020-05-06
 Awesome firm they get the job done and more.
Reese Little on 2019-07-26
 Good people at this firm but a young articling student cheated at a golf tournament I was at once. The student was not disciplined for his actions by way of termination, and to make things worse, they then hired this cheater as a full-time lawyer. The story ends well though, the young man learned his lesson this year and changed his cheating ways. Four stars.
Clare Kempe on 2017-10-06
 Cheadles was quick to help us get our Wills and POAs done when my husband was leaving the country, getting them done quickly and with reasonable rates. Rosa has been awesome when referring clients looking to purchase a home to give them the best service and advice. Thanks for the professional service.

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