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Reviews for Chartwell Woodhaven Long Term Care Residence
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Address: 380 Church St, Markham, ON L6B 1E1, Canada
Phone: (905) 472-3320
Website: https://chartwell.com/en/retirement-residences/cha
Chris H on 2020-01-08
 I wasn't gonna leave a review but I have decided since I feel that people should know... I came in to visit my grandmother from BC a few days ago and I feel that the staff here seem so miserable sometimes. When I walked in it was nice and bright but then I over heard when I was walking around with my grandmother that some of the PSW's were unhappy. Hearing something about how its micro managed and the person in charge has no sense of personal skills. Its sad to hear this but at least I know that the PSW who takes care of my grandmother treats her well. I really believe that if the staff is unhappy its a BIG red flag. Anyways that's just my opinion. Cheers!
zed a on 2017-12-25
 Lovely place.
Bee Sting on 2019-12-15
 My father happy and eat like pig. XMAS is also a beautiful experince thanks to the beautifull staff at Woodhaven!!
Wing Ling William Chan on 2019-08-15
 My dad stayed with woodhaven for 3.5 years and passed away in 2016. Thanks for taken good care of him while he was there. Just one suggestion more exercise time. We just think seniors need more exercise time. Will recommend

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