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Address: 43 Florence St, Ottawa, ON K2P 0W6, Canada
Phone: (613) 237-4740
Website: http://champlaw.ca/
Michael Spratt on 2020-05-19
 Paul is the go to lawyer for labour and human rights work. He is a man of deep principle and conviction and has made a real difference in the lives of this clients and community.
Pierre Bedard on 2019-07-30
 First lawyer in Ottawa Ontario Canada to have the courage to put a class action lawsuit against ocdc that's amazing even though those people who are incarcerated and treated worse than 3 world countries in Canada back yard but every body turns a blind eye but not Mr. CHAMP also represents family members who lost their loved one from suicide under the watch of Ontario correctional services people who had mental health issues who where crying out for help and died of suicide under suicide watch how that possible bless their souls
Diego Matteo on 2019-04-26
 Paul Champ is the probably best labour and human right lawyer in Canada. Several of the case he has advocated for have become case law. He is also very well-versed in union matters. I highly recommend him.
Libby Robinson on 2019-01-03
 Paul Champ (and staff!) was of great help during a difficult time, demonstrating excellent advice as well as empathy during our dealings. He listened, made sure he had all the details, and presented several options alongside his professional opinion - I felt I was getting the best legal advice without feeling pressure. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
T. P. on 2018-12-07
 I visited this office upon a colleague's recommendation after experiencing bullying at the hands of my direct report, the CEO. I expected to be listened to with some level of calm but instead was constantly interrupted when I attempted to provide context to preliminary information conveyed in an email. I was met with a dismissive and aggressive attitude when I attempted to provide emails to substantiate particular issues. The individual spoke down to me with remarks reflecting assumptions that I did not understand the Canadian context or Ontario's labour code... The lawyer articulated that I was expecting something (some level of justice?) that could not be delivered, although another colleague received legal assistance from said lawyer for a similar case previously. In the end, I received advice in writing with the concomitant costs henceforth, but an overall negative impression had already registered. I know that this lawyer is not representative of the entire firm and I have since had exchanges with Mr. Paul Champ about my experience. He strikes me as professional, understanding and an effective communicator, which I hope the rest of staff at the firm can emulate.

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