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Address: 332 6 Ave SW #900, Calgary, AB T2P 0B2, Canada
Phone: (403) 262-3775
Website: https://carscallen.com/
Konstantin Kuligin on 2020-05-11
 I've worked with Nicholas Ramessar for several years and very impressed with his knowledge, his dedication to our cases and a great response time. Highly recommend him for real estate and foreclosure cases.
Pieter Quartero on 2019-11-11
 I would highly recommend the folks at Carscallen. They went above and beyond for me, including taking the time from their vacation just to hear my case and before they were engaged. Throughout they provided solid and candid advice and represented me well. Most people don't ever really imagine being in a situation where they need good representation; it's usually not a pleasant experience either. The main positive out of my ordeal is that I have found my lawyers for life.
James Thangaraj on 2019-11-11
 I simply can't say enough about Cathy at Carscallen! She was invaluable. Her advice is balanced, practical and easy to understand. I will definitely turn to her again if a similar situation arises, and have no hesitation in recommending her to others.
Mathew Burpee on 2019-11-09
 I have worked with Sean MacLachlan at Carscallen for many years and have consistently been thrilled with his work. He is timely, knowledgeable, but also practical. I appreciate how he provide his thoughtful opinions, while balancing the legal risks and the business rationale for the situation. I would strongly recommend Sean and the whole Carscallen team.
Diana P on 2019-09-12
 Carscallen has proven itself an invaluable (though reasonably priced) resource. In addition to being highly responsive, they make sure that their advice is clear, concise, and easily understood. I've already recommended them to friends directly, so why not the general public?

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