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Address: 2430 Don Reid Dr suite 206, Ottawa, ON K1H 1E1, Canada
Phone: (613) 220-6448
Website: https://www.azzilawcorp.com/
Farid Meron on 2020-05-17
 I retained azzi law to help me and my family with our complicated case. I am very very grateful for the amazing work the team did on our file despite the covid19 situation. Very knowledgeable and they go above and beyond for their clients. I wish I can give them 6 stars. thank you very much!!
Fareeha Sagheir on 2020-01-21
 I was really satisfied by the amount of hard work and effort. They were so optimistic, positive and super helpful the entire time and went beyond completing their job by providing all kinds of help that was required. Initially, I just went to them by looking at the reviews but the support that I got from them was outstanding and therefore, I thought about writing this review so people who need help can also benefit from their services. I would totally recommend them if you want to save your time and need to get help from hardworking people who put in a lot of effort and know their job.
Gretta M on 2020-05-04
 I came to them crying! I had lost all hope, especially with everything going on with this pandemic. Although most meetings were held remotely, I could not have asked for a better service. I would recommend this team to everyone I know. There is no need to look anywhere else!
Abdelrahman Abdelrasoul on 2020-01-24
 I have had a very unique experience with Azzi Law Professional Corporation. What l loved the most about this experience is the frankly fast reply. Moreover, the thoughtful guidance and advice. Thank you Azzi Law

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