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Address: 145 Wellington St W #300, Toronto, ON M5J 1H8, Canada
Phone: (416) 369-9393
Website: http://www.amrlaw.ca/
Kirsten Krepps on 2020-01-26
 Friendly staff. We ordered an appetizer and they gave us enough time to eat that before bringing out our meals. We did not feel rushed. Was enjoyable. Food hot and tasty.
Geek Squad on 2018-02-06
 The legal team working on my case are amazing people. Although I have no past experience to compare this to, I have found the individuals to be compassionate and tolerant of my antics. Distress can make anyone irritable. The paralegal and lawyer working on my case have been wonderful every time I let my stress take over. Truly caring team that prove true to their values. Don't forget to treat the paralegal on your case with respect, and gratitude.

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